Crufts 2015: Putting Their Best Paws Forward


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The biggest dog show in the world, Crufts, opened its doors yesterday and had almost 5,000 dogs on day one. Many of the pooches were dressed to the nines in their patterned onesies and sparkly outfits. The competition runs through till Sunday and will see up to 22,000 dogs showing off their silky coats, pristine appearance and exemplary behaviour. Yesterday was the turn of the gundog group, popular family breeds such as Labradors filled the arena. You will have to wait until Sunday for the hotly anticipated Best in Show.

Check out these amazing pictures from the day one and good luck to all the pets taking part.

Have a lovely weekend,

Judy xxx

Keeping Your Pet Safe This Easter


Easter is just around the corner and while we are all looking forward to celebrating with family, friends and furries,here are some tips to ensure that your precious pet remains safe.

Keep Those Paws Off The Sweet Stuff

Easter brings an abundance of sweets and chocolate into the house and it is important to keep these out of reach of Fido or Fluffy.

Chocolate contains a chemical that can elevate the heart rate of dogs and cause vomiting, diarrhoea and potentially fatal seizures so be extra vigilant.

Other foods that you should keep away from your pet include onions, grapes, garlic and raisins.

The Dangers of Decorations

Easter is also a time when colourful plants and flowers are brought into the house but do be aware as some of these can be harmful to your pet. Easter lilies and daffodils are poisonous if consumed and may lead to organ damage. Artificial grass that is often found in Easter baskets or decorative displays can be damaging to your pet too.

Pet Theft Awareness Week

On average four dogs and three cats are stolen every day in the UK. This year’s Pet Theft Awareness Week runs between 14th and 21st of March with the purpose to create awareness and give support and advice to owners about the best ways to keep their pet safe and what to do should their pet be lost or stolen.

Your best chance of getting your pet back safely and quickly in this situation is with a microchip and by 2016 all dog owners will be required by law to have their dog microchipped. If you are still to get your pooch or feline friend protected in this way, then at easipetcare we offer microchips at a low cost  - visit our website for details.

Pet of the Month: Crufts Special

You might not be able to attend Crufts this year but don’t worry because we have a competition that can still make your pet a winner!

easipetcare presents their Crufts Pet of the Month competition which has 3 categories: Best Hairdo, Best Selfie and the main winner – Best Poser. Just post a picture of your pet on our Facebook stating which category you are entering your pet. Prizes will include £20 easipetcare voucher and in addition to this the main winner will get vouchers for Jollyes Pet Store and Just for Pets. Competition ends on Tuesday 31st of March – Term & Conditions apply.

Sending our best wishes to you all for an egg-citing Easter time and a very hoppy Easter to all our bunny owners!

Judy xxx

Relax: It’s Monday


Dear easipetcare,

The weekend may be over but these pets are still in relaxation mode.Lucky them!

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How to Avoid Doggy Breath


Don’t forget  February is  National Pet Dental Month is still on and you get 10% off dental treatment if you join the easipetcare 365 Pet Care Plan.

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Vaccinations: Protecting Your Cat


Dear easipetcare Friends,


With easipetcare, we offer two different types of vaccinations for kittens; RCP (flu & enteritis) and Leucofeligen (flu, enteritis & leukaemia). With the RCP vaccine, the earliest a kitten can be vaccinate is 9 weeks and 8 weeks if they are having the Leucofeligen with the second vaccine administered 3-4 weeks after. Again just like with pups, we advise that the kittens stay in for an extra week after the 2nd vaccination. Similarly we would recommend that every year your cat has a yearly booster to keep them protected.

So what do the different vaccines cover?

RCP- a must for all

This vaccine fights against cat flu and enteritis. Cat flu is common in the UK and can be serious especially for kittens and older cats. It is spread by direct contact between cats or through sneezing. Symptoms include runny nose and eyes, high temperature and extreme lethargy. Enteritis is very unpleasant and often fatal. Also known as feline parvo, it attacks the  digestive system  and symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea and if a cat is infected can die in less than 24 hours. As it is infectious, if there are other pets in the house they can be affected too.

Leucofeligen – a must for outdoor cats

Protects against the above as well as leukaemia. It very contagious and is passed on through feline bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and urine. It can take months to develop an infection but it will begin to affect the cats immune system, causing secondary infections, tumour and eventually death –normally within 3 years. This is the most common vaccine for cats as it covers them against all three of the main feline infections.

Feline chlamydia- depends on your circumstances

You may also choice to vaccinate your cat against bacterial cat flu chlamydias that can cause a recurrent conjunctivitis . Also another vaccination is for rabies if planning on travelling abroad and for up to date rules and regulations of travelling with your pet please visit this website

Remember you can take your pet in for vaccinations no matter how old they are, it is better to have them protected than open for exposure so visit the easipetcare website for low cost vaccination prices. Alternatively you can get the 365 pet Care Plan which will allow you to spread the cost over the year and includes your yearly booster vaccinations as well as other veterinary treatments such as flea and worming treatment and 10% off dental treatment.

Enjoy your weekend,

Judy xxx

The Importance of Neutering


Dear easipetcare Friends,

The importance of neutering or spaying your pet is greater now than ever – not only for health reasons but also for the thousands of pets in the UK, and millions around around the world, that are abandoned every day through lack of responsible pet ownership. To support World Spay Day on the 24 February, easipetcare main centres will be donating £5 for each dog and £2.50 for each cat that we neuter on that day to a nominated animal charity.  Cost shouldn’t be a barrier for essential pet care such as neutering so take a look at our amazing low cost prices.

Have a lovely day,

Judy xxx

Happy Valentines Day


Dear easipetcare Friends,

Happy Valentines Day ! Don’t forget to treat your precious pet too – tell us how you pet lets you know they love and post a picture too on our Facebook wall  and you could win £50 worth of easipetcare vouchers to show them how much you love them!   Have a day and here are some of our favourite ‘love- filled’ pet memes to get you going!

Have great weeekend!

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Keeping Your Pet’s Pearlies Healthy

pet dental health month

Dear easipetcare Friends,

February in National Pet Dental Month and is a great time to remind all pet owners the importance of their pet’s oral healthcare. Just like humans, pets can suffer unnecessarily if they don’t get regular check-ups form the vet. These are our top tops to keeping your pets pearly whites shining and healthy.

•Brushing pet’s teeth – Pet owners should always seek advice from a vet to ensure that brushing is effective and if your pet isn’t as willing, the vet can help you with this.
•To brush pet’s teeth, you will need a (soft) toothbrush and a tooth paste formulated for pets. You need to use pet’s toothpaste because human toothpaste has high levels of fluoride which can be toxic to your pet. Seek advice from your vet
•There are a number of excellent dental chews and specially formulated diets which can provide significant improvements to your pet’s oral health
•A balanced diet is extremely important in supporting your pets teeth and keeping them strong
•It is vital that you regular check-ups with your vet which should include an examination of your pet’s mouth ideally so make sure you ask for this t your next check-up. Ideally you should be getting one every six to twelve months.

Signs of dental problems:

•Bad breath
•Change in eating or dog chewing habits
•Pawing at the face or mouth
•Excessive drooling
•Misaligned or missing teeth
•Discolored, broken, missing or crooked teeth
•Red, swollen, painful or bleeding gums
•Yellowish-brown tartar crust along the gum line
•Bumps or growths within the mouth

Dental care can be hassle but regular maintenance can be a money saver as well as a life saver. Remember as part of the easipetcare’s 365 Pet Care Plan you get 10% off dental treatment as well as many other great benefits all for a low, monthly cost which means your pet will be smiling all year round!

Have a super day,

Judy xxx

Vaccinations:Protecting Your Dog


Dear easipetcare Friends,

There are many nasty, horrible and deadly diseases out there that can harm your precious pet and the best way make sure you pet is protected from some for the worst is by getting them vaccinated. This is important even if you pet is mainly kept indoors. This week we will be looking at the importance of vaccinations – starting with dogs.


With easipetcare the earliest your pup can get its 1st vaccination is at 6 weeks with the 2nd at 10 weeks. We advise that you keep your pet in for another extra week to allow the vaccine to take effect before they can go out and explore the world. Up until then, we advise you keep them inside so they don’t mix with other dogs that might not be vaccinated or have a disease already. After the primary course, we would recommend you keep up to date yearly with a booster vaccination.

The primary course and booster vaccinations cover:

  • Distemper which is passed from canine to canine. The symptoms of Distemper are a runny nose and eyes with coughing and sickness, unusual tiredness and nervous signs including twitching or as well fits.
  • Infectious canine hepatitis can be caught from another infected dog and it affects the liver. A dog with infectious canine hepatitis will have a pale gums, sickness, diarrhoea and a very high temperature.
  • Leptospirosis can also be spread to humans so vaccinations are vital here to protect your dog as well as your family who could catch the disease from your dog should they become infected. Lepto affects the organs in the body and signs include a high temperature, severe thirst, tiredness, sickness, bloody diarrhoea and jaundice.
  • Parvo is extremely contagious and causes either severe sickness and diarrhoea or problems with breathing and the heart. Unfortunately, most dogs who get Parvo don’t survive it even with veterinary attention.

You can also get a Kennel Cough vaccination separately. Kennel Cough is a persistent cough that can last several weeks and can be passed from dog to dog contact such as training classes, parks etc. Most boarding kennels will not accept your dog if they haven’t had this vaccination beforehand so please check with your local kennels what requirements they need.
Another vaccine you can also get is the rabies vaccine. Rabies is a viral illness spread via the saliva of an infected animal. This occurs usually through biting a human or another animal. Symptoms include hypersensitivity to noise or light, increased aggression, eyes taking on a staring expression, drooping lower jaw and more saliva than normal produced. You will need to get a rabies vaccination and Pet Passport if travelling abroad with your pet so please leave plenty of time to get this done and for up to date rules and regulations of travelling with your pet please visit this website.

Remember you can take your pet in for vaccinations no matter how old they are, it is better to have them protected than open for exposure so visit the easipetcare website for low cost vaccination prices. Alternatively  you can get the 365 pet Care Plan which will allow you to spread the cost  over the year and includes your yearly booster vaccinations as well as other veterinary treatments such as flea and worming treatment and  10% off dental treatment.

Have a great day,

Judy xxx

Loving Your Pet All Year Round


Dear easipetcare Friends,

Happy Valentines to all our lovely easipetcare pets!

Valentines is a day when we really show our love, and the greatest way to express our love for our pet is by providing them with first-class veterinary healthcare and treatment all year round.

One of the best ways to ensure the care of your precious pet 365 days a year is with the easipetcare 365 Pet Care Plan. Saving you up to 40% on your pet’s essential healthcare from vaccinations to flea and worming treatment.

As February is also National Pet Dental Month, you will be able to benefit from the free dental check included in the plan and 10% off any dental treatments.

For complete peace of mind 365 days a year, click here to find out how you can join.

It’s World Spay Day!

After celebrating Valentines, an important date in the veterinary calendar is World Spay Day on Tuesday 24th February.

Making sure your pet is neutered or spayed is one of the most important procedures to ensure the long term health and well being of your cuddly cat or precious pup.

For every dog that is neutered or spayed on the 24th we will credit £5 if it’s a dog and £2.50 if it’s a cat to charities & rescues nominated by each practice. easipetcare offer neutering procedures at amazing low cost prices – click here for prices.

Valentines Photo Competition

To celebrate our pets this Valentine Day we’re holding a competition to find the most Hug-able Hound, Cuddly Cat or Fabulous Furry. Just post an image of your most loved pet on our Facebook page and tell us how you pet lets you know they love you! The winner will receive £50 of easipetcare vouchers. (Closing date 28th Feb 2015 – terms and conditions apply).

Have a super day,

Judy xxx

The easipetcare team

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