The Purrrfect Starter Pack For Your Pet


Dear easipetcare Friends,

Welcoming a new kitten or puppy into your home is an exciting time and you’ll want to make sure they receive all of their essential healthcare at the best value for money.

We have the most amazing money-saving offer at all our main centres to give your perfect puppy or cute kitten the very best start in life.

Our puppy and kitten pack cover their full vaccination course, a microchip, a course of deworming and defleaing treatment (with the UKs leading products), 10% off neutering and 4 weeks free insurance- all for ONLY £55. This is available at KetteringReadingChatham and on-sale at Burton  and Derby for an amazing £40 (our sale has been extended) !

Enjoy the benefits today - take a look at you local easipetcare main centre opening times to visit and buy your gorgeous new pets’ vaccination and all the extra health benefits and  protection your puppy and kitten pack provides.

Have great day,

Judy xxx

Postcode Pooches:The Most Popular Breed In Your Area


Britain is undeniably a nation of dog lovers and now we have some data that shows the most popular pooches in your postcode.Ten years of microchip data by Petlog and Animalcare has revealed that the nation’s most tagged dog in the past decade has been the Labrador with over 509,000 registrations of the breed.In second place came the Jack Russell terrier with more than 376,000 animals tagged, while the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was third, with 356,000.

The Labrador might top the list in almost every county but there are some areas which favour other breeds such as Llandrindod Wells in Wales where Border Collies are a popular choice and Liverpudlian favour the fashionable Shih Tzu. The data, which included five million dogs also showed that the Jack Russell is the top breed for those living in the West of the UK and unsurprisingly Londoners were more likely to have smaller dogs such Daschshunds probably due to their compact size.

To see an interactive map and to check which breed is popular in your area click here.

Each month I will be giving you two  ‘Pooch Profile’ of the most popular breeds in Britain so be sure to visit the blog again.

Breeds tagged most frequently by Petlog and Animalcare across whole of the UK in past decade

Labrador Retriever 509,500
Jack Russell Terrier 376,300
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 356,000
Border Collie 233,700
Cocker Spaniel 224,400
English Springer Spaniel 194,700
German Shepherd 158,900
Yorkshire Terrier 144,800
Shih Tzu 117,900
Cavalier King Charles 116,400
West Highland White 112,000
Golden Retriever 91,400
Cavalier King Charles 116,400
West Highland White 112,000
Golden Retriever 91,400
Boxer 84,600

Have a super day,

Judy xxx

Getting Cold Feet:How To Keep Your Pet’s Paws Warm


Dear easipetcare Friends,

As the cold begins to really *bite* it is important to remember that pets can be affected by this weather too.  Arthritis is exacerbated in winter particularly in chilly, damp conditions and cold air can irritate linings of the airways and make coughs worse-might even trigger asthma attacks.

Skin reactions with itchy spots can be generated by extreme weather and beware of fleas as the warmth of your heated home can trigger skin problems – make sure you keep up with parasite control.

The Blue Cross put together some tips to ensure you keep your pet well and safe during the winter season.

Have a lovely day,

Judy xxx

Still Struggling For Some Resolutions?


Dear easipetcare Friends,

The new year is in full swing, and last week we gave you some suggestions for changes and improvements that you might want to make for your dog. Well Pet Pyjamas put together their own which can benefit both you and your pet.

Have a fab day,

Judy xxx

Pet Resolutions:Goals For Your Pet This Year


Dear easipetcare Friends,

January is a time to make plans and set out goals for the year so don’t forget to include your pet too. Here are some top tips that can help towards your #petresolution. 

1) Exercise

Regular exercise has the obvious health benefits, but it also is a great time to bond with our pets. A simple daily walk helps a dog learn proper manners, provides some good quality time. Keeping pets at the proper body weight reduces the risk of heart and joint problems, diabetes, and a host of other poor health conditions.

2) Health Check Up

A regular visit to your veterinarian is the best way to stay ahead of potential problems. Annual examinations of teeth, heart/lungs, and body condition overall will be less costly than waiting for a problem to develop and your pet suffering needlessly from complications of preventable problems.

3) Good Nutrition

Like humans, pets who eat poor quality food just don’t have the health reserves than those that a good balanced diet. Poor skin, hair coat, muscle tone, and obesity problems can be a result of a poor diet. Also, pets are not humans — a diet rich in table scraps is not a healthy one, and can lead to problems such as obesity and pancreatitis.

4) Good Grooming

Regular grooming — bathing, toe nail clips, brushing teeth and hair coat, parasite control — not only make the pet more pleasing to be around, it is much healthier for the pet!

5) 2 Update Pet Microchip Info

Over the course of a year, a lot can change — people move, get new phone numbers, and forget to update their pet’s information. Often they only remember once the pet is lost. If any of your contact information has changed this past year, don’t wait — update their tags and microchip information today! It’s the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way safely home.

Enjoy your day,

Judy xxx

It’s like a New Year Sale every day at easipetcare!


Dear easipetcare Friends,

Happy New Year to you all!

After the festive celebrations, the new year is a great time for saving money – and that is what we do every day of the year at easipetcare.
From low cost vaccinations, neutering and parasite protection, we offer money saving prices all year round.

Our puppy and kitten packs are just one example of our pet-tastic prices! Included in these money saving bundles of pet care are a puppy or kittens first full vaccination course with health check by one of our friendly and helpful vets, a microchip for your precious pet, initial flea and worm protection, 4 weeks free insurance and a voucher for 10% off neutering. At just £55 they are amazing value and cheaper than Vets for Pets price*! Prices are even cheaper at our Derby and Burton Main Centres at an amazing £40 until the 31st January 2015.

Available in all our Main Centres   visit us soon for  your gorgeous new pets’ vaccination and all the extra health benefits and protection your Puppy and Kitten pack provides.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful 2015 with your cute kittens and playful puppies, with easipetcare as your pets’ partner for a happy and healthy year.

Have a lovely day,

Judy xxx

Making Christmas Merry for Your Pet (Part II)


Now that your tree is up and you are almost finished with wrapping those Christmas presents, we have a few more tips to ensure that Fido and Fluffy enjoy the rest of the festive season.

Festive Food – Yummy!

Enjoying festive food and drink is an important part of our celebrations but some of our seasonal favourite foods can be harmful to pets so extra caution is required:

• Chocolate, onions, grapes and raisins can all be toxic to dogs so be careful what leftovers you give them as this could lead to renal failure and pancreatitis.
• Don’t feed cooked meat bones as these may splinter and cause injury to your pet’s digestive tract.
• It goes without saying that you should never give your pets alcohol.

Watch Out For Those Festive Fireworks

Your pet’s peaceful routine is likely to be shattered by the whizzes, bangs and screams of fireworks – especially on New Year’s Eve. Here are some steps that can be taken to minimise your pet’s levels of stress:

• Keep your dogs and cats inside when fireworks are being let off
• Try to stay at home with your cats and dogs so they are not alone and afraid.
• Exercise your dog during the day and ensure they are wearing a collar at all times.
• Keep the radio or television turned on to help minimise the impact on noises outside.
• Ignore fearful behaviour as soothing can give animals the impression something is wrong. Instead let your pet find their own safe place to hide, this could be under the bed, behind the sofa or in their bed.
• Keep your dog or cat distracted by letting them tuck into a large knuckle bone or play with a cat nip toy.

We’re Here Right Up to Christmas Eve

Should you need us we’re here right up until Christmas Eve, click here for the opening times of your nearest Main Veterinary Centre over the festive season . With vets in all our Main Veterinary Centres we have an amazing Christmas Eve and New Years Eve offer of Cat Castrations for only £15 and half price on dog microchips.

So that just leaves me  to wish you and your pets a very, very happy Christmas. I hope it is a truly fantastic time as you celebrate and create many happy memories.

Judy xxx


Safety for your pets this Christmas

Dear easipetcare Friends,

10 more days until Christmas and as we draw closer to the big day here are some more tips to ensure that your pet stays safe this Christmas


Enjoy your day

Judy xxx

Experts warn Britain faces ‘pet obesity epidemic’


Dear easipetcare Friends.

We are a nation of dog lovers but the over indulgence of some pets is causing our pooches to pile on the pounds.A combination of being over generous with treats and being too lazy to exercise our dogs are some of the reasons giving in the annual PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW). The report also shows a “shocking” rise in dog aggression fuelled by a “cocktail of boredom, lack of training and socialisation and worryingly low levels of regular exercise”.

Among the other findings of the report are:

•1.5 million dogs are not properly “socialised” as puppies – which involves exposing them to everyday sights and sounds before 12 weeks of age.
•62% of pet owners have been concerned or frightened by another dog’s behaviour
•30% of pet owners report they have been bitten or attacked by a dog
•Over half of veterinary professionals report an increase in levels of dog on dog attacks
•Owners over 55 are least likely to seek vet advice regarding their pet’s diet.
•Just 66% of dog owners are aware that microchipping will soon be compulsory in England and Wales
•Five million pet owners did no research at all before taking on their pet with many largely unaware of the specific needs of their chosen pet
•25% of pet owners would consider getting a puppy from a puppy farm where there welfare needs are unlikely to have been properly met
•86% of pet owners believe online sales of pets should be regulated.

The PDSA are encouraging pet owners to take part in its Big Pet Survey and hopes this will give them a bigger insight into the well being of the nation’s pets.

If you are concerned about your pets weigh or need some advice on nutrition and weight management contact your local easipetcare main centre and you can get a free health check and advice from one of our lovely veterinary nurses.

Have a great day,

Judy xx

Will Santa Bring You A Furry Friend


Dear easipetcare Friends,

As Christmas gets closer, so does the list of presents for Santa to bring which may include a new four legged furry friend. Having a pet can bring great benefits to the whole family and amongst many things can teach children responsibility and compassion. However it is a big commitment and to help you decide whether or not this will suit your family the Blue Cross put together a few tips.

Enjoy your day,

Judy xxx


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